Epidemiology Counts – Episode 3 “Plastics and Public Health”

In the third episode, Matt Fox and Anna Pollack interview Leonardo Trasande, MD, MPP, professor at NYU Langone Health, on plastics. In this episode, we answer that nagging question as you microwave your lunch – should we microwave our food in plastic? Do plastics in consumer products reflect a health risk? If so, how could we change our habits to minimize that risk?

Epidemiology Counts – Episode 2 “Community Immunity”

In the second episode, Matt Fox, Justin Lessler and Jennifer Ahern discuss the concept of herd immunity or community immunity. What is it? What has it accomplished? How do we know it works? What happens when we lose it? Interviews with Walter Orenstein, Elizabeth Halloran and Saad Omer, enrich the discussion by bringing historical, technical and social perspectives to understanding of this important phenomenon.

Epidemiology Counts – Episode 1
“Why should I trust that new health study?”


Welcome to Epidemiology Counts from the Society for Epidemiologic Research! Each episode delves into a particular disease or health condition or something that we are exposed to in our daily lives that may affect our health, and bring you a look at what we currently know and don’t know about each of these conditions or potential causes of disease.

In this inaugural episode, Matt Fox, Hailey Banack, and Bryan James give a big picture look at why you should believe anything epidemiologists do and how you can digest all the health information you hear in a way that makes sense and will set the stage for future episodes that take on specific disease areas.