Epidemiology Counts – Episode 1
“Why should I trust that new health study?”


Welcome to Epidemiology Counts from the Society for Epidemiologic Research! Each episode delves into a particular disease or health condition or something that we are exposed to in our daily lives that may affect our health, and bring you a look at what we currently know and don’t know about each of these conditions or potential causes of disease.

In this inaugural episode, Matt Fox, Hailey Banack, and Bryan James give a big picture look at why you should believe anything epidemiologists do and how you can digest all the health information you hear in a way that makes sense and will set the stage for future episodes that take on specific disease areas.

One thought on “Epidemiology Counts – Episode 1
“Why should I trust that new health study?”

  1. I want to congratulate SER and the host/speakers of this first podcast for a well done job. The podcast was well conducted. I have been teaching epidemiologic methods for a number of years already, and the overall message of “why should I trust that new health study” was clear and well-conveyed. The host and speakers were very good in transitioning from one topic to another, and filling some explanation gaps if one speaker forget to mention something about the discussed topic. The dynamic and flow of the conversation between hosts and speakers was very collegial and pleasant to hear. I commute every day for one-hour to my job, and I have been listening podcasts (news and leadership) for two hours every day, so it is perfect that SER came up this new epidemiology podcast. Perfect timing:-). Thank you so much:-).

    David S. Lopez, DrPh, MPH, MS
    Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
    The University of Texas Medical Branch
    301 University Blvd.
    Galveston, TX 77555-1153
    P 409.772.9132
    E davlopez@utmb.edu

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