About Us

Epidemiology Counts is the official podcast of the Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER). Established in 1968, SER is one of the oldest and largest general epidemiology associations in the world. The SERpodcast has been created and curated by a working group of SER members who are leading epidemiologists in the field. Epidemiology Counts falls under the umbrella of the SER Publications Committee.

Bryan James (SERpodcast Chair)
Matthew Fox (Epidemiology Counts Host), Boston Univeristy
Enrique Schisterman (SER Executive Committee Liaison)
Sue Bevan (SER Executive Director)

Committee Members:
Anna Pollock
Anthony Crisafio
Arijit Nandi
Hailey Banack
Jennifer Ahern
Justin Lessler
Stephen Cole
Victoria Andriessen
Zeina Alkhalaf

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